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Mars Square Saturn exact 24th August 2020, and again 30 September 2020

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Astrological 'Fun' Section, try the new style quiz

Do you act and respond in a manner which is typical to your sun sign?

Find out if you are typical of your birth sign with our quiz.  This 20 question quiz is designed to take no longer than 3 minutes to complete.  An analysis of your score is given at the end, so you can check to see if you agree with our findings.   There are many factors which make a person who they are.  The birth chart can help to identify how and why we react the way we do.  We can send you the results of your survey or you can print it out.


Health and Astrology
A comprehensive study provided by the well know, once General Practitioner now Author and Sunday People Columnist Vernon Coleman.  His detailed research highlights the relationship between ailments and people born under their star signs.  The findings are in favour of a link between astrology and health concerns.


The recent alignment of the planets, what it all means - explained in layman's terms.

I think it is likely some very ill thought out scheme could be given the go ahead from the government this week.  It is likely to be some further restrictions on freedom of movement blamed upon the corona virus.  But this is not going to go down well with many people in the UK including businesses.  Any such scheme should be very well though out or there is a very good chance we will see 'u turn' from the government to follow soon after. 

There will be evidence of many people being frustrated at the slow progress being made in tackling current issues.  There may be some discontentment that comes to the forefront from back bench MP's or parties in opposition. 

Any rushed through policies that have not been thought out well will be put under the spotlight.

There appears to be a lack of leadership as if this is as a result of fear.  No decisions are being made and the book is getting passed around.  There is a nervousness about getting something very wrong.  Indeed as we have said, there is a good chance something will be very wrong and have to be corrected within weeks.

On a personal level, there is likely to be a wave of opportunity for personal development.  You will be best served if you carefully consider your options, since some decisions could be taken rather impulsively.  This is what can happen when there is a challenging aspect between the planet of action and energy and the planet of caution, delay, structure and detail.