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Ruled by Neptune

Feminine, Negative, Mutable Water Sign

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Try our 20 question quiz and see if you agree with our findings

Born under Pisces, your Sun sign is that of the two fishes where one fish symbolises the personality and the other the soul. The linked cord may imply a fusion of the entities or a separation. This sign has a very strong Neptunian influence, which denotes a transcendence of the ego and a connection with the source of all life. This energy is not often expressed well in the physical world, the result of which is that you experience illusion, deception, and not a few lively fantasies. For some Pisces, though, a messianic quality is naturally applied.

As a mutable, passive water sign, you are the most sensitive, compassionate, sympathetic, and understanding of all the Sun signs. You have a strong need to feel loved. You may not be very ambitious simply because you dislike asserting yourself. This can lead to manipulation by others, something with which you will eventually have to come to terms. In the aim toward perfection you quickly become disillusioned. Courage is one aspect that will help, and a form of loving-assertion will go a long way--an area you can easily develop. This process may be slow, but patience is something of a gift for you.

Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces and acts like a guardian angel. Jupiter can energise your life-force while helping you maintain your sense of purpose and being. Your charm, sense of humour, and sympathetic nature can open many doors. However, your easygoing and friendly personality may tempt you to let things take their own course, which will exasperate others who are more practically inclined. The paradox of this sign is demonstrated by the fact that you may also be industrious and exacting. You want to broaden your horizon and be at one with all living things. Your feelings are deep and tender, but sometimes you turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of people you like to have around you.

The arrogant, impatient egotists of the world often cause much grief to many Pisceans, since they never seem to understand the true gifts of this sign. Their influence upon you may generate insecurity. However, you will find relief in alleviating the suffering of others. Neptune imparts a great sensitivity for all human trauma. In extreme cases, Pisceans may seek out certain afflicted individuals, but never really want them to get better. This is to prop up their own security. In general, you have an instinctive feeling for the problems and painful consequences that words and deeds can have upon people. You are more than prepared to work as a volunteer, even in appalling working conditions, where you can relieve the burden of others (often at your own expense).

The indecisive side of your nature has much to do with an internal clash of feelings and your desire to avoid conflict, making it difficult for you to integrate your energies into any life direction. You may often feel tired, which offers you an excuse to avoid physical exertion or sporting activities. You would generally prefer to suffer an injustice than to stand up for your rights. But, once you do lose your temper, you may become so upset that nothing and no one can calm you. Therefore, you may leave the impression that you are stubborn or uncommunicative.

Your moods can swing between total optimism and the blackest pessimism. Perhaps there is a fatalistic streak in your character. Learn to realise that you are not helplessly tied to a fate over which you can exercise no influence. You must try to view the big picture to fully take advantage of available opportunities. Do not get confused if it is not clear how things interrelate. Trying to rein in your thoughts is more likely to make you unhappy. Seek advice without becoming too dependent on the source. Once you grasp a situation, you will find greater self-realisation and even the most mundane things will seem bright and beautiful. Recognise that self-realisation can only be achieved if your physical requirements are not a constant source of anxiety.

Much of the area of growth for you lies in the ability to effectively process the vibrations that emanate beyond this dimension. Meditation and psychic development could offer significant benefits. You may find that a latent instinct, such as an artistic ability, could come to the fore. A capability to understand your needs in a close relationship may develop. Once you have found your own identity, you are even more loving, giving, and prepared to make appropriate sacrifices for others. It should be noted that much of this description will be subdued if the Moon and Mars are strongly placed within your chart.

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Below, in the music world, find out who shares a birthday with you.


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20: Julia Volkova (t.A.T.u.) (1985)
20: Brian Littrell (
Backstreet Boys
) (1975)
20: Ian Brown (Stone Roses) (1963)
20: Jon Brant (Cheap Trick) (1954)
20: Jerome Geils (The J. Geils Band) (1946)
20: Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat & Tears) (1944)

21: Charlotte Church (1986)
21: Eric Wilson (Sublime) (1970)
21: Ranking Roger (General Public) (1961)
21: Mary Chapin-Carpenter (1958)
21: Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) (1949)
22: Bobby Hendricks (The Drifters) (1937)
23: Lasse Johansson (The Cardigans) (1973)
23: Jeff Beres (Sister Hazel) (1971)
23: Michael Wilton (Queensryche) (1962)
23: Howard Jones (1955)
23: Brad Whitford (
Aerosmith) (1952)
23: Steve Priest (Sweet) (1950)
23: Rusty Young (Poco) (1946)
23: Johnny Winter (1944)
24: Michelle Shocked (1962)
24: Lonnie Turner (Steve Miller Band) (1947)
24: Paul Jones (Manfred Mann) (1942)
25: Justin Jeffre (
98 Degrees) (1973)
25: Mike Peters (The Alarm) (1959)
25: Dennis Diken (The Smithereens) (1957)
Erykah Badu (1971)
26: John Jon (Bronski Beat) (1961)
Michael Bolton (1953)
26: Jonathan Cain (
Journey) (1950)
26: Mitch Ryder (1945)
26: Paul Cotton (Poco) (1943)
26: Fats Domino (1928)
Josh Groban (1981)
27: Jeremy Dean (
Nine Days) (1972)
27: Chilli (
TLC) (1971)
27: Paul Humphreys (O.M.D.) (1960)
27: Neil Schon (Journey) (1954)
28: Pat Monahan (
Train) (1969)
28: Cindy Wilson (The B-52's) (1957)
28: Ian Stanley (Tears For Fears) (1957)
28: Phillip Gould (Level 42) (1957)
Ja Rule (1976)
Featured Artist


Featured Artist

1: Big Boi (Outkast) (1975)
1: Patrick Wilson (Weezer) (1969)
1: Lisa Marie Presley (1968)
1: Mike Campbell (
Tom Petty & Heartbreakers) (1954)
1: Don Everly (Everly Brothers) (1937)
1: Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) (1937)
Shakira (1977)
2: Billy Mohler (
The Calling) (1975)
2: Ben Mize (
Counting Crows) (1971)
2: Robert DeLeo (
Stone Temple Pilots) (1966)
2: Tony Butler (Big Country) (1957)
2: Ross Valory (Santana) (1950)
2: Alan McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire) (1948)
2: Graham Nash (1942)
3: Laurence Tolhurst (formerly of
The Cure) (1959)
3: Lee Renaldo (Sonic Youth) (1956)
3: Dave Davies (The Kinks) (1947)
3: Eric Haydock (The Hollies) (1943)
3: Dennis Edwards (
The Temptations) (1943)
Cam'ron (1976)
Natalie Imbruglia (1975)
4: Rick Burch (Jimmy Eat World) (1975)
4: Clint Black (1962)
4: Phil Ehart (Kansas) (1951)
4: Alice Cooper (1948)
4: Florence LaRue (Fifth Dimension) (1944)
4: John Steel (The Animals) (1941)
Bobby Brown (1969)
5: Chris Barron (
Spin Doctors) (1968)
5: Duff McKagan (
Guns N' Roses) (1964)
5: J.R. Cobb (Atlanta Rhythm Section) (1944)
5: Cory Wells (Three Dog Knight) (1942)
6: Rick Astley (1966)
6: Axl Rose (
Guns N' Roses) (1962)
Natalie Cole (1950)
6: Fabian (1943)
Garth Brooks (1962)
7: David Bryan (
Bon Jovi) (1962)
7: Steve Bronski (Bronski Beat) (1960)
7: Brian Travers (UB40) (1959)
7: Jimmy Greenspoon (Three Dog Night) (1948)
8: Dave "Phoenix" Ferrel (
Linkin Park) (1977)
8: Will Turpin (Collective Soul) (1971)
8: Vince Neil (
Mötley Crüe) (1961)
8: Sam Llanas (the BoDeans) (1961)
8: Tom Rush (1941)
9: Travis Tritt (1963)
9: Dennis Thomas (Kool & The Gang) (1951)
9: Carole King (1942)
10: Robbie Neville (1961)
10: Roberta Flack (1939)
11: Kelly Rowland (
Destiny's Child) (1981)
Brandy (1979)
11: Mike Shinoda (
Linkin Park) (1977)
D'Angelo (1974)
Sheryl Crow (1962)
11: Sergio Mendes (1941)
12: Jim Creeggan (
Barenaked Ladies) (1970)
12: Chynna Phillips (Wilson Phillips) (1968)
12: Ray Manzarek (The Doors) (1939)
Robbie Williams (1974)
13: Freedom Williams (C&C Music Factory) (1966)
13: Les Warner (The Cult) (1961)
13: Henry Rollins (1961)
13: Peter Hook (
New Order) (1956)
13: Ed Gagliardi (Foreigner) (1952)
Peter Gabriel (1950)
13: Peter Tork (The Monkees) (1944)
14: Rob Thomas (
Matchbox 20) (1972)
14: Roger Fisher (Heart) (1950)
15: Brandon Boyd (Incubus) (1976)
15: Mikey Craig (
Culture Club) (1960)
15: Ali Campbell (UB40) (1959)
Melissa Manchester (1951)
15: David Brown (Santana) (1947)
15: John Helliwell (Supertramp) (1945)
15: Mick Avory (The Kinks) (1944)
16: Andy Taylor (
Duran Duran) (1961)
16: Ice-T (1958)
16: James Ingram (1956)
17: Billie Joe Armstrong (
Green Day) (1972)
17: Timothy Mahoney (311) (1970)
Dr. Dre (1965)
18: Robin Bachman (BTO) (1953)
18: Derek Pellicci (Little River Band) (1953)
18: Juice Newton (1952)
18: Dennis DeYoung (STYX) (1947)
18: Yoko Ono (1933)
Seal (1963)
19: Dave Wakeling (General Public) (1956)
19: Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) (1948)
19: Smokey Robinson (1940)
20: Julia Volkova (
t.A.T.u.) (1985)
20: Brian Littrell (
Backstreet Boys
) (1975)
20: Ian Brown (Stone Roses) (1963)
20: Jon Brant (Cheap Trick) (1954)
20: Jerome Geils (The J. Geils Band) (1946)
20: Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat & Tears) (1944)

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