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Astrology Works



This section of the site is designated to provide evidence for the validity and usefulness of astrology.  There are no requirements to be able to read a crystal ball, tea leaves or any other fortune telling equipment, anybody can use astrology and that includes you.  We have put together some observations which are backed by hard scientific facts.



This web site's viewpoint on the IAU meeting in August 2006 which decided to down grade the status of the planet Pluto.  They were wrong to do this.

Astrology brought up to date;  Astrology has been with us since the earliest records were kept and has more than withstood the test of time.  Thankfully, computers can now be used to provide evidence for the good of astrology.

Documentary Series, ‘Witness’ shown by Channel Four, Monday 19th June 2000  This program examined Business Astrology, how Tesco have used Astrology and includes an interview with Anita Roddick of Body Shop.  There is also a close look at Astrology and the Stock Market, Weather and Astronomy.  There is also an interview with the Astrological Guru Dennis Elwell, the man who predicted the sinking of the P&O ferry, The Herald of Free Enterprise in 1987,  200 people died that night in the waters off Zeebrugge, it was a national trauma  

Proven medical findings which relate to Astrology

This research seems to leave no room for doubt: your date of birth, and the astrological sign under which you were born, do seem to have a significant impact on the type of diseases to which you are most likely to be susceptible.  The research was commissioned by Dr. Vernon Coleman