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Owing to the prevalence of certain misunderstandings, it has been thought well
to place the following statement.  ASTROLOGY does not constitute an art by which the future can be foretold in detail, this would be fortune-telling and is not what Astrology is about.  The modern attitude to this age-old knowledge is more or less as follows.

The universe is one and all parts of it work in unison, but our unaided senses are too inadequate to perceive this. It is possible that, by measuring parts which are observable, i.e., the planetary movements, we can deduce this working in the lives
of human beings.  The deductions from the birth map are according to the experience of astrologers through the ages and especially those working on modern psychological lines.  Any remark on the possibilities for the future should be preceded by the phrase "the likelihood is that" and should be understood to be the probable outcome of the development of the potentialities of the birth-moment; and as conditions of life, not as actual events. As it is impossible to re-iterate the phrase, it should be

ASTROLOGY attempts to indicate a life-pattern, but there are more ways than one of this being worked out.  

Taken from: The Text-Book of Astrology: by Margret E. Hone D.F.Astrol.S.