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 08 May 2010 

 Who is most likely to reach agreement and how well will they be able to work together?

David Cameron and Nick Clegg


Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown


We have the birth data of David Cameron who was born in London on the 9th October 1966.  Nick Clegg was born in Chalfont St Giles, on 7 January 1967, and Gordon Brown was born in Giffnock, Renfrewshire on 20 February 1951.  I do not have the exact time of their births so I am working from midday on the respective birthdays.

Firstly, although these three are leaders of their respective parties the outcome of any negotiations between them will have party political factors built in to the outcome of any negotiations.  In short each will be required to tow the line on certain party principles which may get in the way of how they would relate to each other on a personal level when there are no such restrictions.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg

Taking the relationship between Cameron and Clegg the most noticeable thing is that they are of a similar age so many of their slower moving planets will be in conjunction indication they will each have experienced a similar background of experiences. 

The other most noticeable aspect is the position of their Sun’s almost exactly square to each other.  Now, this brings the dynamic that can bring tension to the relationship.  These two have to work harder to get along.  Their Suns are not in fixed signs more so they are found in Dynamic leadership signs Libra and Capricorn so it is up to each of them to turn the element of tension and difficulty round to a positive and if they can do that and put their personal differences aside then this relationship can achieve a great deal.

David Cameron's Sun in Square with Nick Clegg's Sun

A square between two planetary bodies in a partner horoscope generally creates a challenge.  All conflicts are designed to initiate growth, so if both are prepared to make an effort, a positive relationship can ensue. Without effort, each partner will have difficulty in maintaining his or her independence when confronted with opposing views.  It will seem that each has goals in life that are different to the other and so there are bound to be confrontations.  Much depends on the extent to which either ego is prepared to give up its standpoint and to find new impulses with which to allow this new energy to flow into the relationship. 


David Cameron's Sun in Conjunction with Nick Clegg's Mars.

When working together there is a potential for both to be a strong, driving force as the desire of Nick’s Mars combines with the creative vitality of David’s Sun.  Thus Nick Clegg has the opportunity to stimulate David Cameron with his energy.  However, if Nick allows his Mars position to become too defensive and David allows the position of his Sun to be too egotistical, a high degree of rivalry is likely.  Should they each discover how to forge these energies well, both of them will experience a fulfilled partnership existence. 


David Cameron's Sun in Square with Nick Clegg's MC.

Nick Clegg’s need for security may inhibit David Cameron’s self-expression.  The more that David asserts his position, the more resistant Nick may become.  In extreme cases, David Cameron’s high level of self-assertion can outpace the desire to achieve success.  This can be a difficult aspect unless David and Nick work hard to reach some compromise. 


David Cameron's Moon in Square with Nick Clegg's N. Node.

There is somehow a clash between David Cameron’s feelings and Nick Clegg’s purpose.  This struggle is reflected in an oversensitive reaction to Nick’s cultural and social beliefs. 


David Cameron's Mercury in Opposition with Nick Clegg's AC.

David Cameron has the ability to energize the thoughts and expression of Nick Clegg, while providing fresh insights as to how Nick is perceived by others.  In turn, Nick can provide new forms of social interaction.  In general, there will be a lively exchange between David and Nick.  At times, some of this communication might be somewhat overplayed, but with the appropriate perception, this can be handled.  It would be important to the continued relationship for David to be open and to avoid any situation where talks may appear to undermine the agreement between themselves.


David Cameron's Venus in Sextile with Nick Clegg's Moon.

This aspect denotes a feeling of good intensions in their relationship.  David Cameron can appreciate the sensitive nature of Nick, and it would not be unusual if both shared many common interests.  A deep bond is possible.  By itself, this is a very harmonious aspect for the working relationship.


David Cameron's Venus in Square with Nick Clegg's Mercury.

For this area of the relationship to improve, if it has not done so already, Nick Clegg must be more receptive to David’s idea’s and David must be more open to appreciate the higher values and Nick’s form of reasoning.  If this can be done, somewhere in between a balance can be struck.


David Cameron's Jupiter in Opposition with Nick Clegg's Venus.

This is an aspect that may show where David Cameron and Nick Clegg may feel uncertain about this relationship.  Nick Clegg’s values and David Cameron’s sense of freedom and philosophy may not always mix well.  However, importantly, sometimes they do, and this may have been what initially helped Nick to decide to state publicly at the end of the election that he accepted the Conservatives had the first opportunity to seek to form a ernment and equally helped David Cameron to invite open discussion with Nick and the Liberal Democrat party for that aim.  There is also a word of warning with this planetary alignment, if one party gives in to the other, it creates a personal dilemma that will lead to frustration, this is why a balance must be struck for this relationship to succeed.


 David Cameron's Pluto in Trine with Nick Clegg's Sun.

This formation in a relationship is responsible for some intense feeling that will draw David Cameron and Nick Clegg together.  This intensity is designed to allow a transformation to take place on an interactive level.  There is much to learn from each other, provided they can stick together.  By maintaining balance, this relationship can become a lasting and stable one in which both can share a broad spectrum of experiences.  If neither partner is able to initiate change, it may be difficult to maintain the relationship. 


David Cameron's MC in Conjunction with Nick Clegg's Mars.

David Cameron is able to assist Nick Clegg’s desires with respect to his career and how he or she is perceived by society.  This combination strongly favours certain vocational interactions in particular politics. Needless to say some competition may occur between them it is how they deal with it that counts and one would hope that they can put this behind them and work together for the future good and prosperity of this great nation. 


The sooner an English Parliament is formed to bring parity in the United Kingdom the better.


 Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown

Nick Clegg's Sun in Sextile with Gordon Brown's Jupiter.

There is an age difference between Nick and Gordon of some 16 years and without doubt this is an aspect that represents an opportunity for Gordon Brown to broaden and enrich Nick Clegg’s life in many ways.  It is very likely to be in a material and philosophical sense.  The contrast to a previous lifestyle may be dramatic.  The very high price to pay for this would be for Nick to assume a less assertive position.  The tendency that results from this aspect would be for Nick to accept a subordinate role in the political / business relationship with Gordon Brown at the helm this would translate into accepting a role as a minister in a Labour government.  The easy nature of this aspect suggests if it were not for Nick being the leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick may well find an offer such as this too good to miss.  However, due to the position Nick Clegg holds being the leader of the Liberal Democrat party it would be very difficult for Nick to accept a subordinate role such as this.


Nick Clegg's Sun in Square with Gordon Brown's Neptune.

It is clear that both Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown would be initially drawn into a Lib Dem-Lab pact due to some idealism which they each share.  However, by the nature of this aspect, Gordon could cloud Nick’s vision and in an instinctive response Nick would want to dominate this relationship.  The extent to which this clouding occurs is highly dependent upon the position and aspects of Neptune in Gordon Brown’s natal chart which I don’t have details of.  However that said, what seems to play out in public interaction during prime ministers questions is Nick seems to perceive Gordon Brown as being unreliable or elusive and this is a typical problems that can arise with this aspect between the two of them.  Nick may consider that the more Gordon is inclined to live in a world of fantasy, the greater the potential for a strained relationship.


Nick Clegg's Mars in Conjunction with Gordon Brown's Neptune.

It is perhaps important in this compatibility analysis to stay with the position of Gordon Brown’s Neptune in relation to Nick Clegg’s birth chart.  This is because Neptune happens to be the ruling planet of Pisces, Gordon Brown’s birth sign and so therefore important in this relationship.  Gordon Brown will likely provide a balancing influence on any aggressive tendencies Nick has however on the extreme downside, Nick will find he may not be able to proceed at the aggressive pace he wants to.  In many respects, Neptune is the antithesis of Mars.  Mars symbolizes desire and Neptune the evaporation of it.  This is not an ideal relationship at all.  Such opposing factors would need to be applied constructively and it may prove too difficult to overcome the extremities.


Nick Clegg's Saturn in Conjunction with Gordon Brown's Venus.

We should perhaps look at Nick Clegg’s ruling planet Saturn which is the ruler of birth sign Capricorn.  Gordon Brown may find some level of security with Nick Clegg but at the same time he may find certain political interests hard to follow through on, unless Nick supports them, this situation could never be ideal.  There is therefore a very good chance that Nick Clegg may either consolidate or restrict certain activities for this person.


Nick Clegg's Saturn in Conjunction with Gordon Brown's Mars.

We can now look at the position of Saturn in Nick Clegg’s chart which sits heavily upon Gordon Brown’s Mars.  This relationship will either be one of growth or oppressive restriction.  Nick may feel compelled to dampen Gordon’s political aims and dictate what Gordon can and cannot do which would never be acceptable to the Labour Party. 


Nick Clegg's Uranus in Opposition with Gordon Brown's Mars.

This aspect may well be described as close encounters of the short kind!  Both Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown may enjoy a short and exciting business relationship, but Gordon Brown’s constant attempts to implement Labour policy is likely to  overwhelm Nick Clegg who would seek to want to assert the need for new experiences in politics and/or the pursuit of alternative reforms.  It seems the longer these two are in a ‘pact’ the more explosive life becomes.  Certain things are bound to be overdone in a way that makes the other person uncomfortable.  Much will depend on the independent energy portrayed by Uranus in Nick’s natal chart as to how this partnership works out but it is every most likely break down.


There is also too much extreme interaction between Nick Clegg’s Pluto position, which is found in opposition to Gordon Brown’s Venus, and also Mars.  This has to signifying a business relationship cannot possibly work well.


In conclusion, I find there is more likelihood of a success within a partnership with David Cameron than Gordon Brown and for this reason I predict the Liberal Democrats will be able to strike a deal with the Conservatives.  Gordon Brown will be brought down and David Cameron will become the new Prime Minister and this will occur before the next New Moon 14 May 2010.



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