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Astrology explained Read about the typical traites associated with your birthsign
For career guidance or recruitment birthsigns can help   Proven medical findings which relate to Astrology
Proven facts which relate to human trends, traites and tendencies corresponding to the movement of the celestial bodies.

Have a personalised chart drawn up

Find out were to look to find your 'Soul Mate'


Find out if you are your typical Birthsign, click on the link below to go to our NEW STYLE 3 minute quiz.


Astrological 'Fun' Section, try the new style quiz 

A short questionnaire designed to enlighten.

Do you act and respond in a manner which is typical to your sun sign?

Find out if you are typical of your birth sign with our quiz.  This 20 question quiz is designed to take no longer than 3 minutes to complete.  An analysis of your score is given at the end, so you can check to see if you agree with our findings.   There are many factors which make a person who they are.  The birth chart can help to identify how and why we react the way we do.  We can send you the results of your survey or you can print it out. 


The 'Business Recruitment and Career Guidance chart analysis

For career guidance or recruitment birthsigns can help

Find out how 'Synastry' can help you make the correct investment in new personnel.   We have factual information in our data base which has been extensively researched and which highlights potential strengths and weaknesses for each individual person born under their birth sign.    The 'Business Recruitment and Career Guidance chart analysis records many details which will help to identify a persons strengths and any capabilities which could lead to a mutually successful union.  This is a useful insight if you are looking to invest wisely in recruiting the correct person for a position with your company.  Furthermore, by the aid of  'Synastry' the combination of two charts it would be possible to get some indication if the short listed candidate would get on well with the rest of the team and more importantly the manager.  

The information in the Business Recruitment and Career Guidance chart analysis is also very useful for people who are looking for support in making a career choice.  You could be at a 'crossroads' in your career or starting out on a new career course.


Health and Astrology

Proven medical findings which relate to Astrology

A comprehensive study provided by the well know, once General Practitioner now Author and Sunday People Columnist Vernon Coleman.  His detailed research highlights the relationship between ailments and people born under their star signs.  The findings are in favour of a link between astrology and health concerns.



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