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Saturn will turn direct on September 29th (01:11).
On 17 December will enter Aquarius.

(Saturn entered Capricorn in 20 December 2017 and wont be back in Capricorn until 2047

On 21 December 2020, Jupiter will conjoin with Saturn)


The recent alignment of the planets, what it all means - explained in layman's terms.

Saturn will turn direct around midnight on September 29th (01:11). There will be a feeling that life is speeding up again now.  It should be noticeable in various ways to everyone.  Meditation can put you in tune, you just have to be open and receptive to the influence. 

In a personal, individual birth chart, Saturn, known as 'the school master' often leaves a token reward as it leaves a house or sign, perhaps to reward for the lessons it has taught.  These are likely to be things associated with hard work, patience.  How this parting gift affects an individual is personal and depends upon the place Saturn was found at birth. 

However, we are perhaps living in the greatest ever global setting right now.  Due to the technology available to us in the shadow of what was thought to be a pandemic flu virus, we are perhaps experiencing a far larger impact upon each of us, all at the same time.  This is unprecedented, when the first six months of each of the two world wars did not cause such global disruption.

The drastic measures that governments around the world have taken to combat the perceived threat of a virus such as locking people up has meant economies have had to close down.  With the level of technology available to us today Saturn has brought its trait of fear upon us all.  Some fear has turned into mass hysteria with claims of a new reset, and a new beginning being planned for all of us and there are some horror stories accompanying the conspiracy theories like being forced to take an unregistered vaccination that could alter our DNA. 

I believe perhaps for the first time Saturn will now affect more people around the world, at the same time in very similar ways than ever before.  Saturn will begin to play the peacemaker and this is how I believe that will happen. 

Saturn entered Capricorn in 20 December 2017.  After almost three years, on 17 December Saturn will enter Aquarius and wont be back in Capricorn until 2047.  Saturn was most powerful in its own sign of Capricorn.  It was made even more powerful by its conjunction with Pluto and Great Mutation with Jupiter (22 December 2019).  Capricorn is all about structures, the skeleton and the bones are ruled traditionally by Capricorn it is the mountain you have to climb.  Saturn will not conjoin with Pluto in Capricorn for another 248 years.  Saturn will ensure over the next four months there will be a workable structure in place before it moves away into Aquarius. 

Aquarius is representative of humanity and generally adds support to all humanitarian causes on a global scale.  Please don't misinterpret this to think it may assist the 'globalists' which is a word currently banded around.  Aquarius is more concerned with the many and not the few.  In the scale of things, the ideals and desires of a few individuals are of little significance to Aquarius. 

The Covid_19 virus will no longer be a threat and it will likely be accepted to be a flu virus similar to those many thousands of viruses we live with all the time.  There will no longer be a need to test either.  This will be a time for countries to rebuild to the blueprint Saturn will leave behind which I would predict will be some new technology that may be discovered that will assist us all in some way.  Aquarius will naturally seek to help mankind develop and grow.  Aquarius will help the development of any new technology and the masses will have free access to the information.  Aquarius will cause the masses to reject anything that is not safe and sound. 

Saturn moved into Aquarius Wednesday 17 December, Jupiter is closely to follow and the two will meet in a conjunction 22 December.  Gone are the negative aspects when Saturn conjoined Pluto Saturn conjunction in Capricorn and the typical devastation it brought and left behind in its wake with governments meddling with issues of health forcing lock downs on people with no justification. 

However, we now have many great things to look forward to.  Saturn is dignified in the humanitarian zone of Aquarius which is where it will reside for the next 7  years.  Saturn will experience a lighter feel to it than when it was travelling through its own sign of Capricorn.  Social structures will begin to be put in place but sometimes this could be as a result of a revolution.  You might not have to wait long, there is a once every 20 years conjunction with Jupiter on 21st December 2020.  This is a big deal something extraordinary can happen.    There will be much more cohesion from now on.  Almost as if there will be a lid lifted to a new 3 year era. 

Being locked up, restricted and or oppressed does not bode well with freedom loving Aquarius.  We will soon wonder what was all the Covid nonsense about.  Any adverse plans for the future that were not with the best interest of mankind globally, will fail.  Welcome to the humanitarian sign of Aquarius.  This is the 'new beginning' the 'new reset' the bad guys couldn't achieve.

Weve had Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct and retrograde for months.  This has delayed progress but its also allowed time for things to be sorted out and/or healed and set straight.  This phenomenon marks the start of the turnaround which is now underway.  Mars is square to Saturn also at this time, which adds great impetus but matters are being overcome now.  Your patience will be rewarded.