mars conjunct saturn 31 march 2020

24th August 2020, and again 30 September 2020

(Conjunction = March 31, Mars conjunct Saturn (0 degree Aquarius)

(Square = Mars 26 degrees Aries Saturn 26 degrees Capricorn (Lilth conjunct Mars)

The recent alignment of the planets, what it all means - explained in layman's terms.

I think it is likely some new scheme could be given the go ahead in the UK government from week commencing 24 August.  Similar plans may be adopted worldwide.  The new scheme could be some further restrictions on our freedom of movement, blamed upon the corona virus.  A virus that is no worse than a common seasonal flu. 

The Saturn effect will possibly result in an increase in people being frustrated at the slow progress being made in tackling current issues when there is an insignificant number of deaths due to Covid_19.  It cannot escape notice that governments around the world have shifted the theme from counting the numbers of deaths to now using 'cases' as a replacement.  Even if you are classed as a 'case', with no underlying illnesses you have more chance of death by falling off a horse. 

To keep the 'case' numbers at the desired level the rate of testing has been increased when some of the tests have been faulty.  In the UK there may be growing discontentment from some MP's but they are preferring the negative influence of Saturn which keeps them from speaking out, just like wearing a face mask.

The Mars effect may however, cause some action.  There could be an announcement of a further winding down of some of the 'lock down' measures that were put into place on 23 March 2020.  This is because Mars conjoined Saturn at that time (31 March 2020 00.02 degrees Aquarius * see Sweden below).  Mars has since travelled 90 degrees since then and is square to Saturn and is likely to trigger an examination. 

What happened at the conjunction is being examined now.  The conjunction recorded a good proportion of countries around the world adopted the lock down measures.  Not all countries locked down.  Sweden is a country that did not impose lock down measures upon its citizens.  Sweden fared no worse with Covid_19 deaths than countries that did lock down.  *Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, and interestingly rules Sweden.

We are experiencing the same influences today as we did around 31 March 2020 (Mars Saturn conjunction).  Mars energy and impulsiveness, and Saturn restriction and limitations applied, moreso then, than now.  I would say when taking the nature of the affects of the other two planets, Pluto and Jupiter, in close reception, collectively is why and how the world leaders may simply have panicked and made a Mars impulsive decision without duly applying the positive principles of Saturn. 

Since the influence of Mars (Impulsiveness) that may have acted as a trigger to lock down, there has been a double hit upon the people as governments may have over compensated with the negative side of the Saturnian, traits.  (Structure, Suffering, Anguish, Setbacks, Restriction, Delay, Disappointment, Failure, Oppression, Poverty and Chronic Diseases).  Saturn generally has a slowing down effect on things in general.

The impulsive reaction has been devastating for the worlds economy (Pluto traits = Devastation, Rot & Decay, The Underworld, Sinister Matters, Disguise, New Structures, Rebirth, New Growth arising from the dead).  Face mask wearing is a disguise, a Pluto trait.

"The regulations impose possibly the most restrictive regime on the public life of persons and businesses ever - certainly outside times of war - but they potentially raise fundamental issues concerning the proper spheres for democratically accountable Ministers of the Government and Judges.  Rt. Hon Lord Justice Hickinbottom.  SIMON DOLAN, APPEAL against the governments restrictive measures.  Week commencing 28 September 2020.

It seems. unbelievable that we could happily do these things without wearing a mask at the height of the 'lock down' and with all the evidence suggesting these masks are useless against a virus, it seems to confirm the lunacy when at the same time shop attendants, police, do not have to wear a face covering and of course the politicians have exempted themselves.  This is evidence, of the Saturn influence, Saturn will however insist now that things have not been thought through and another attempt is required.  However, we are entering a phase of planetary alignment that will rectify the situation.

Any rushed through policies that have not been thought out well will be put under the spotlight during this phase we are in and there is a chance to put things right.

There seems to be a nervousness about getting something very wrong...again.  This is the Saturn affect but also the alignment of planets as a whole.  However, what could arise from this is a realisation, of the errors made.  This phase in our history is likely to end the lock down of humanity living in free societies, forever. 


On a personal level, there is likely to be a wave of opportunity for personal development.  You will be best served if you carefully consider your options, avoid the urge to make decisions impulsively or they are likely to fail.  This is what can happen when there is a challenging aspect between the planet of impulsive action and energy Mars, and the planet of limitation, Saturn that requires structure and detailed preparation.  The cautionary advise is, it may cause a delay but it is likely to be the best the outcome.

Please check you stars daily, I will put up some more interpretation over this critical period in our history.  For example, what the Mars Retrograde motion will mean on September 10th.

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