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  Jupiter conjunct Pluto (23 Capricorn)

On November 12 (at 4:39 PM)

The recent alignment of the planets, what it all means - explained in layman's terms.

This is the third and final conjunction between the two planets of this phase.  The first and the second times these two met up again was April 4, Jupiter conjunct Pluto (25 Capricorn) and June 30, at (1:46 am)  Jupiter Conjunct Pluto (24 Capricorn).  Jupiter is saying farewell until the next time which will not be until February 4, 2033.

This meeting between the two planets has been very different due to the presence of Saturn, which has also conjoined with Pluto and was Exact on 12 Jan 2020 11:59:24 am (EST +5:00).  Briefly, Saturn was only exact with Pluto once this time around but they remained close and this is been referred to metaphorically as the bump and grinding effect.  Saturn is separating from Pluto from September 30, when it turned Diurnal 15 degrees in Capricorn (3 degree ORB from Pluto).  On December 22 Jupiter will catch up and conjoin with Saturn (0.32 Aquarius) so these two can rendezvous with a reduced influence of Pluto due to a 6+ Orb of exactness.

The Jupiter conjunction with Pluto I believe expanded the disasters that are typically associated when Saturn conjoins with Pluto LINK .  This is a time when our catastrophe is not a world war this time although it might well just have been.  We have a 'pandemic' involving Covid_19 a virus that has affected the whole world simultaneously.  Such is the devastation that can happen with this planetary formation (who is saying astrology does not work now).  

There is also wide spread division and upheaval amongst people be it race, religion, politics, ethnicity, even gender.  Everything and anything can manifest at this time and is doing so.  Power, greed and money know no bounds and the will of the powerful will be exalted.  People in powerful positions can more easily orchestrate changes upon the population.  Evil can flourish during this time.  We are also seeing atrocities against Christians and other ethnic groups.  There are rich and powerful people plotting to alter the whole world to what 'they' consider will be a fourth age a technology, a revolution is in the making and some progress is being made.  However, time is running out and the takeover will not succeed and we will see why later.

There is a battle raging in the USA and it is alleged the democratic system is under attack as votes in the mid-flow of the election appear to have flipped or gone missing.  There are many things that have been hidden (Pluto trait) that are now starting to come out into the open.  Jupiter will expand the growth, whether it be for good or bad / evil so there is no alternative but to ride the storm.  During this time things will and are, being forced out into the open to be made visible so progress of one sort or another can be made.  Although Jupiter is a benefic planet not all that glitters will be gold.

There has been a build up of energy that has now been released during the exactness.  However, any window of opportunity will close within 40 days.  There is likely to be much unrest when Mars (which has just turned diurnal today (14 November) will square Pluto 23 December 2020, this period could be a dramatic time but it will signal the climax of all the upheaval in 2019.  Jupiter will conjoin Saturn 22-23 December 2020 simultaneously but this time from a different playing field, that of the sign and domain of Aquarius.  Jupiter will also be separating by 6 degrees from Pluto so almost out of the orb of 8 degrees which is normally considered.

There will be a completely different flavour to life when new close aspects start to emerge in Aquarius.  Aquarius will favour humankind as it is traditionally a humanitarian sign.  It is also associated with upheaval sometimes very sudden.  A revolution could very well be initiated at this time. 

The masses will rise up, possibly thwarting anything that is not with the populous.  It could well be a troublesome time but it is necessary to change what is not working or cannot work.  I believe it could be like a struggle which can get violent as if the strength is drawn upon to free ourselves from a universal straight jacket.   

The following year 2021 will see new structures being put into place.  The fear brought about by Pluto and Saturn will begin to lift throughout January onwards.  Mainly as the scene has a new setting that of all things Aquarius.  There may well be a new purpose that is recognised a common purpose that will be worked towards over the next 7 years.