exact 12th january 2020
(prediction uPLOADED 13 sEPTEMBER 2020)

(Saturn conjunct Pluto 22 degrees Capricorn)

The recent alignment of the planets, what it all means - explained in layman's terms.

This alignment could mark the world wide recognition of the corona virus, if not the actual discovery of it.

January 12, Saturn conjunct Pluto, (22 Capricorn) is a very good place to start.  This is because it has been 37 years and 10 months (November 7 1982, (27 Libra) since this aspect last occurred. 

However, can we learn anything from what happened since late 1982 to early 1983 to now?  Yes we certainly can and I'll explain. 

KEYWORDS; are often used by astrologers.  There is often many influences at work between the planets and keywords form the basis to an intepretation .

These are some of the highlights for the period of the previous meeting of the two planets 1982.

Michael Jackson releases Thriller Album, SCARED, ZOMBIES WEARING FACE COVERINGS First CD player sold in Japan, Dutch Elm Disease destroys millions of Elm Trees, DISEASE Tylenol capsules laced with potassium cyanide kill 7 in Chicago, DRUG POISONING Times man of The Year is THE COMPUTER, COMPUTER CONTROL Disney Futuristic Park EPCOT opens, OUT OF THIS WORLD Major Recession starts in the United States. RECESSION MONETARY COLLAPSE The Commodore 64, is computer of the day comes with 64 KB of RAM. COMPUTER KEY TO WORLD DOMINATION.  Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands.  WAR  The first mobile phone introduced in 1982 by Motorola (model DynaTac 8000X) GLOBAL PHONE NETWORK New industry is just beginning with the use of Genetic Engineering human insulin produced by bacteria is sold for the first time HUMAN GM DRUG DEVELOPMENT, VACCINES.

Early 1983 as Saturn turned retrograde to head back to the second and the third encounter with Pluto The Nellie massacre took place in central Assam during a six-hour period in the morning of 18 February 1983.  INHUMAN ATROCITIES The massacre claimed the lives of 2,191 people (unofficial figures run at more than 10,000) from 14 villages. 

Saturn, in astrology, is considered to be the Great Malefic, but it is also the planet of order and boundaries. It represents limitation, rules, delays and blockages. It rules over governments, corporations, religious institutions and all things authoritarian. In it's darkest form, it represents oppression and hierarchy.  Pluto, on the other hand, is the God of the Underworld, the Roman counterpart of the Greek Hades.  It has seemed to replace Saturn's place as the darkest and most fearsome of all planets.  It rules death, decay, loss, but with it, transformation and rebirth.  It also has associations with underbelly of society, things that are dark and hidden. This includes crime, the most horrific we an imagine, but also the occult, and the hidden intentions of our governments, and other institutions. As the modern ruler of Scorpio, it represents power and those who seek it, power for it's own sake.  So you can see how the conspiracy stories are bubbling up.

The conspiracy stories are very real but the our Stargazer says they will not achieve their aims for several reason not least the benefic planet Jupiter has some  involvement.  Time is running out for the psychopaths, the people who want global domination, to inject us all with mind controlling dna altering, junk filled vaccinations.  Agenda 21, search it they want to reduce Earths population by 95% amongst many things.  The psychopaths are not organised properly this time around, no vaccines are ready and waiting like they might be in June 2053 when the next Saturn Pluto conjunction occurs.  The masses will rise up and tire of the lies they are being drip fed daily by the mainstream media and untrustworthy governments.  The masses will cause a slowing down and then a end to all the madness. 

This is a reset time but not for the reasons people are thinking.  The reset opportunity is a wake up call and therefore will be a chance to reset in a positive way.  To do this our financial system has failed badly.  There is far too much wealth distribution amongst the top few 1000 super rich elite who have been affecting our lives for years by manipulating the stock market.  It is already a game to them these psychopaths are not interested in money they want to own people.  If you want an insight into what June 2053 will herald if action is not taken before then to rid us of the evil, move all the KEYWORDS for this period forward.

My observation about those keywords would be that they are much of the same as what is happening now.  The difference is they are playing out in a different way.  As with Michael Jacksons Thriller, it is still the best-selling album of all time, with sales of 66 million copies worldwide.  Things go world wide with a Saturn Pluto conjunction.    A cluster occurred in 1914-15 on October 4, 1914 at 6.25.06 pm GMT; November 1, 1914 at 9.01.00 am GMT; and May 19, 1915 at 7.52.12 pm GMT.  This was also when.............

The First World War began,  August 1914.

Are you getting the picture.

You can see in 1983 the computer was only just starting out, with the Commodor 64.  There was a crude internet system largely restricted to the military but mobile phones and a network had just started out.  Add 37 years and expend all this and what do you get.  A corona virus world pandemic in lightening time spread by the global technology available to us.

Some trolls, ask how come the astrologers never saw the pandemic virus coming.  When the facts are studied, perhaps it was because there never was a pandemic.  ALL astrologers have warned about the catastrophe that can be expected as a result of Saturn conjunct Pluto.

I believe this will prove to be the worlds worst case of mass hysteria over a virus that was/is no more harmful than seasonal flu.


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