What is a Synastry Horoscope?

The Synastry Horoscope is a Partnership Horoscope. The Birth Horoscopes of two individuals are compared and the combined Aspects interpreted (see also Composit Horoscope.) In the Horoscope-chart Person 1 planets are displayed and placed at the inner circle, Person 2 is also displayed, being placed just outside the outer circle.  The name date, time and place of birth of two people are required to calculate the synastry chart. 

The Synastry Horoscope takes in to consideration the location of the planets at the birth time of each partner and where they are placed in the chart.  It is then possible to see which planets compliment each other and form an attraction between two people, sometimes immediately but more often gradually as the relationship takes form.  

Sometimes the attraction is instant but then just as quickly fizzles to nothing, Synastry offers an explanation for this tendency and also why two people can become Soul Mates.  It is also possible to see which planets are in opposition or clash between two people which is likely to cause dislike and/or mistrust of each other, sometimes also instantly.  

There are lots of reasons why people get on well with some but not others, but also why they dislike some motives another person has but like and can assimilate with other certain motives, known as opposites which attract.  Synastry offers a way of understanding the mechanics behind a relationship and offers explanations for all the traits I have described.  

Synastry works between two people regardless of their age, and sexual orientation.  It would also be just a effective at highlighting the strength of bond between a friend or relative as it would to those that would be lovers.

For a Synastry Horoscope, the lead persons accurate birth time would be used and only a date of birth for the second person would be required.