Natal Chart FAQ's

What is a Natal Chart (Radix Horoscope)?

Radix is the Latin word for roots. This is the Natal Chart, the Radix Horoscope or the Birth Horoscope of a person. It is a chart of the position of the planets above the place of birth, at the time of birth. A unique and individuated form of energy (the soul) starts its association with matter at the moment of conception. The personality that is expressed is formed at the moment of birth when the neurones of the brain are formed. It is this imprint that is symbolised by the Natal chart.  For the calculation of a Radix Horoscope, we need the name of the person as well as date, time and place of birth.

What if I do not know the exact time of birth?

You do not need to know the time of your birth to have a birth chart drawn up however, the degree of accuracy of the chart would depend on this factor.  If you have no way of finding out the exact time of your birth, use 12:00 midday, there is still a lot of relevant information in our chart analysis for you to read about yourself.

I am born on and around the change of a sign, can people have two signs?

If you know the date, time and place of birth, having a chart constructed will identify the position of the sun.  It is this factor which determines your basic nature, power and potential.  It is not too difficult to identify where your fundamental nature belongs once you understand the differences between the two signs in question.

How many pages of information will receive?

We are confident you will be more than impressed with the content of the birth chart we construct just for you.  We are unable to say exactly how many pages you will receive because this depends on the variables at work at the time of your birth.  However, there is a huge amount of of information in our database so you should expect a minimum of 30 pages to 40+ pages.