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THE APPEAL  has been forwarded from 28 September 2020 to 29 October 2020

This was as a result of one of the Governments lawyers being on holiday.

ORDER made by Justice Hickinbottom 4 August 2020
The Judge has given a time estimation of two days but the decision handed down refers to matters being heard on a rolled up basis.  I believe this means that at the hearing week commencing 28 September 2020 to ensure matters are resolved without undue delay the parties need to be prepared to make their full submissions of any grounds upon which the court are minded to give either permission to appeal or permission to bring judicial review proceedings and the court decides to retain the claim.


This a short 2m 40sec audio recording of the podcast.  There is a transcript below and a link if you want to listen to the full interview.

Planet Normal: How Britain went from Blighty to Frighty
10 September 2020

Jonathan Philip Chadwick Sumption, Lord Sumption, OBE, PC, FSA, FRHistS (born 9 December 1948), is a British author, medieval historian and former senior judge. Sumption was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court on 11 January 2012, succeeding The Lord Collins of Mapesbury.

Interviewed by
Allison Pearson and Liam Hallighan


Update (as at 24 November 2020) following Court of Appeal hearing. Simon Dolan

The hearing took place over two days 29-30 October in the very grand Court 4 at the Royal Courts of Justice which is the Lord Chief Justiceís Court. The three appeal judges included the Lord Chief Justice himself, Lord Burnett of Maldon and two other appeal judges Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Singh.

The Judges have not as yet returned a verdict. 

On the 5th November the UK was locked down for a second time this time a date of 2nd of December was given for re-opening up.  It is not understood how anyone could know there were favourable results from the testing for the alleged virus at this time.  Indeed the chances of any improvement would be nil as the policy is to test as many people as possible and more tested obviously will give a result of more false negative results.

However, SIMON DOLAN's team of barristers have updated their case as a result of the second lock down.  The legal team has made amends to the 2nd Judicial Review meaning that itís arguments are in relation not only to the first national lockdown but also include the SECOND lockdown currently taking place in England. The Re-Amended Statement of Facts and Grounds have been filed with the Court and the Government has been served with them. (23 November 2020)

Final Outcome.

There are plenty of doubters, keyboard warriors that seem to be happy to have had their freedoms removed and walk around with a nappy over their face and look forward to being told what they can and cannot do.  Without doubt, there are some evil people that have all joined in together with this plandemic.  I include the propaganda merchants like the BBC, GMTV, SKY NEWS, peddling a psyops to keep the 'people' scared so that they accept a jab. 

The results of all the reckless 'jabbing' of people with experimental gunk so as to bring in a vax pass which is simply designed to make stacks of money by controlling people and limiting their movement to stop them traveling.  I assume because some bunch of 60 years and over types who have already lived a good life have decided to grab power and save the planet.  I believe most of these types have found a way of acting out their evil using those complicit associates with the Davos group and World Health Organisation WHO.  People have allowed themselves to be convinced, the time is right and we must reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet.  What a load of BS, when there is no evidence whatsoever of climate warming. 

It has become chilling and incomprehensible how parents are allowing their children to be 'inoculated'.  Children are not at risk of being infected, there is no evidence around the world of any child developing, whatever it is they want you to believe is at large.  When is is a recognised fact your immune system destroys the alleged 'Covid_19', 99.997% This is the largest hoax ever in the history of all mankind being played out right in front of you.  God can only help those that help themselves.  Some have already been lost, DO NOT TAKE THE JAB.  The 'variants' long, short , tall, fat and ugly, are continuous and will never end, then plandemic after plandemic will descend to earth, don't you get it.  Ultimately, we are in a depopulation program. 

It is my belief, this case MOB v Matt Hancock and Others will succeed and will lead to an END OF LOCKDOWN ENTIRELY AROUND THE WORLD.  I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO NUREMBERG TRIALS MKII.



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